“I help people & brands have an impact in a fast changing environment. I do this through strategy & design.”

Brand strategy

Every foundation is laid by a good conversation. What are the clients’ requirements? What is the context in which they thrive? Each project starts with an analysis and thorough understanding of the client. A Brand strategy is established in order to become strong. This is the essential key in its further development.

Brand design

In this phase, I begin by molding a look & feel of your Brand, based on the strategy created. I’ll guide you in the right creative direction by defining how your brand should speak, evoke, move, feel, and what it brings to the audience. All of these elements are part of the Brand Identity which are combined in a Brand Book.

Brand experience

In order to strengthen the brand, well-chosen deliverables are set up based on the identity. I’ll make certain that every touchpoint has the right feel. All of these touchpoints transform the brand into an experience. This way it connects easier with its target audience and will make your brand grow and feel loved.

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Jan Vertongen

Brand Designer

Jan Vertongen

Brand Designer